Free Laptop Nation

Free Laptop Nation is a website that has been making advertisements in various places concerning their offers to give you and others free laptops when you complete their conditions. As usual, there are various things to watch out for and some people might think that it is a scam. While this site really isn’t a scam, the laptop itself simply cannot be considered completely free. You can however get it for a lot cheaper than what it is valued at.

Technically Free Laptop Nation is not lying when it says that they are offering computers for free because it is not the laptop that you are paying for directly. There are ten different offers that you have to sign up for in order to get your computer. You have about three pages of things to choose from and on each page these offers are numbered into the teens. It is best to choose wisely from these offers. Not all of them originate from reputable companies but there are those that do. You can get credit cards, music, and a lot of other things. If you want to go the cheapest route you really have to take notes on what you are taking. They have the condition added that you can only cancel two of the items or memberships before sixty days is up, otherwise you forfeit your gift.

When you look at the cheapest items and you do return two of ten before the sixty days, then cancel the rest of them afterwards, the total cost runs up to just over one hundred dollars. If you cancel them before the sixty days, you run up a bill that is larger than three hundred dollars and you may not even get to keep the computer. You have to be really organized when you go through with these deals and keep all of the paperwork so that you can keep track of everything.

If you really want a computer, there is nothing wrong with going this route. The computers are valued at around one thousand dollars from which you have five to choose from, plus you might even receive a gift card. Even when you have to spend a few hundred dollars on the other offers, you still save several hundred dollars in the end. For those who really need a cheaper computer this might be the way to go but if you have a better way then try that out instead.